40 gestures, 40 days, 40 years

Sunday, December 23, 2007


The 40th entry. This is part of what I've learned.

A birthday is a day like any other day.
40 is not a big amount.
40 is enough.
40 is arbitrary.
Priorities are important.
Even being flexible does not always guarantee peace.
You are responsible for your own emotions.
Just because you feel something does not mean you need to say or act upon it.
Unraveling is complicated.
There is power in limits.
Life is better with people in it.
Remaining open to serendipity is a gift.
This is not the end.

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bbirchwood said...

the blush is still on the blossom...if you ask me...from what I hear, forty is the new twenty...xxoo gmt

Bob L., Bainbridge said...

Well .....my mind is reeling with all the deep thought/feeling that you invested during your 40 days....it is inspiring to see it all now that you have "completed" the time allotted, but, of course, you've only really started.

Thanks for sharing with your "viewing public."

Bob L., Bainbridge